Anyone can learn to assess the conformation of the horse.

About Me:

My name is Raven and I am an avid equine lover. I run 2 equine forums, 1 blog, and I admin a host of equine related sites/forums/blogs. I've owned, trained, bred, shown, handled, and competed with many different breeds and types of horses. The equine anatomy has always been fascinating to me.

About this website:

This website was created as a tutorial to teach anyone who wishes to learn how to assess the conformation or structural anatomy of equines.


I am in no way a professional equine anatomist. Everything I know has been taught by riding/showing instructors, trainers, vets, and self taught. I do not claim to be anything I am not, however, I do stand by my knowledge. I take pride in learning more every single day, and in sharing my knowledge with others.


I am the creator/admin of the Facebook group Equine Conformation Congregation where any and all are welcome to come and gain/share experience with equine conformation.

I can be found on Facebook or contacted by E-mail if you have questions/comments.